Send money from United Kingdom
Money Transfer from the United Kingdom (UK) to Kenya

With HelaSend transfer services, you can send money from the UK to Kenya quickly, cheaply, and securely with the best exchange rates in the market and minimal transfer fees. You may send money to Kenya from your UK debit card using one of three transfer options to support relatives and friends living or working in Kenya, pay school tuition, make business payments, and more.

How can I send money to Kenya from the United Kingdom?

In only a few minutes, you can make a money transfer from GBP to KES. It is easy and fast. Send money to Kenya from the UK using HelaSend now.

What method do you wish to use to send?

Choose the best transfer method for you from our three options. All of our services, including mobile money, bank transfers, and airtime top-up, are available.

Who are you sending to?

Add your details or the details of a family member, friend, business or organisation in Kenya or pick from a list of recipients you’ve sent to before from our suggested recipients list.

Who are you sending to?

Add your details or the details of a family member, friend, business or organisation in Kenya or pick from a list of recipients you’ve sent to before from our suggested recipients list.

What method are you using to pay?

You may pay for your transfer in a variety of safe methods. Online (web-platform) payment options include debit and prepaid cards. These methods also work for both our free Android and iOS apps.

What is the most cost-effective method for sending money to Kenya from the United Kingdom?

Hela Send offers various alternative transfer options, each with extremely cheap costs, bank-beating exchange rates, and no charges for your receiver. We provide minimal transaction fees and competitive conversion rate, as well as the actual amount of Kenyan Shillings (KES) or UK Pounds (GBP) your receiver will get. So you can be sure you're receiving the best prices possible when sending money to Kenya.

Mobile Money Transfer

Make fast mobile international money transfers to MPESA money accounts in Kenya to help your loved ones who are back home. Before you send money to Kenya, ensure sure your receiver has an active MPESA account.

Bank Transfers

Send money to Kenya's main banks' savings, current and business accounts on our banks drop-down list on all of Hela Send's channels directly from the UK. Make a bank transfer to a Kenyan Shilling (KES) account, and the money will be deposited to your account within one business day.

How to Send Money From The UK To Kenya via MPESA Mobile Wallet

Sending money to from the UK to Kenya using MPESA mobile money accounts is becoming ever more popular. This easy transfer method has numerous advantages:

  • Your receiver does not need to carry huge sums of money or go to the bank because money is added quickly after the payment is authorized.
  • There's no need for receivers to travel to a pickup place.
  • Every transaction is secured by a PIN.

Confirm that your receiver has a registered and active mobile money account before making an international money transfer from the UK to Kenya using MPESA. You'll also need the recipient's Safaricom registered number associated with their mobile money account. Simply choose our mobile money service and input the amount you want to transfer.

Send Money On The Go With The HelaSend App

Transfer money, track transactions, and check GBP to KES conversion rates on the move with our free HelaSend app for iOS and Android.

Why should you use HelaSend?

We're Secure.

Our industry-leading technology and bank grade security protocols safeguards your funds and ensures that they arrive securely each and every time.

We're low-priced.

There are no surprises when it comes to our minimal fees and the best exchange rates.

We're Straight-forward.

There's no need to go to an agency or bank. From your smart phone or computer, send money conveniently and hustle free from wherever you are.

We're Quick

Over 90% of our transactions are approved within a few minutes.

HelaSend offers a variety of convenient options to send and receive money.

HelaSend makes international money transfers to Kenya easy; simply select the most convenient method of sending money from the UK and get it done fast.

Send online

To send money to Kenya via our web platform , create a free HelaSend profile by signing-up.

Send from the apps

Initiate your transfer on your smart-phone, then pay with your debit or pre-paid card.

Receive from bank accounts in Kenya

Send money to a Kenya to your recipients' bank account directly.

Receive from mobile wallets in Kenya

MPESA allows you to receive money in Kenya directly to your mobile phone.